Our chartering team deals with all fields of ship chartering and looks after both sea and river transportation for all kinds of cargoes (chemicals, crude oil and oil products, vegetable oils etc.). These activities cover the spot market, as well as long term charters and contracts of affreightment. We are specialised in the chartering of tankers. Our regular customers are well reputed oil companies, chemical producers, oil and chemical traders, as well as tanker owners and operators.

 Contacts chartering

Our service includes:

  • Special market information and research for each customers special requirements
  • Extensive product information
  • Regular ship´s schedule and position information
  • Gathering and evaluating offers
  • Brokerage, advice and support with charter party negotiations
  • Charter party considerations
  • Arrangement and coordination of voyage communications (‚postfixing’)
  • Laytime calculations, voyage analysis and document considerations
  • Organisation of pre- and post haulages, as well as storage and interim storage
  • Developing project solutions
  • Claim management and insurance co-ordination
  • Legal advice