Our agency department staff are specialised in the clearance of vessels of any type and size in the port of Hamburg and all other German ports. We look after ships ranging from coaster vessels to VLCC's (Very Large Crude Carrier) by the loading and discharging of all kinds of cargoes chemicals, crude oil and oil products, vegetable oils etc., as well as for yard, repair or other port calls. We are, of course, available for these services 24 hrs a day.
Our utmost attention is given to the quick, economic and high quality turnaround of the ships. To ensure this, we start working well ahead of the ship's arrival in port, thus solving all possible difficulties in advance. The complete and regular distribution of information to all parties involved is mandatory here.

 Contacts agency

Agency standards

Our service includes:

  • Port and berth information
  •  Safety and regulations information
  • Disbursement calculations considering all cost-saving possibilities
  • Coordination and documentation of cargo operations
  • Solving of problems connected with cargo operations
  • Ship´s clearance with authorities
  • Coordination of crew matters as crew change, visa assistance, medical care etc.
  • Coordination of deliveries and services (repairs, maintenance etc.) before, during and after the vessel´s port stay
  • Arranging for spare parts and purchasing assistance of all kinds
  • Yard and repair supervision
  • Developing of Tank-/ Hold- cleaning procedures
  • Waste disposal of all kinds (slops, sludge, garbage etc.)
  • Claim management and insurance co-ordination
  • Enforcement of ISPS requirements
  • Vetting assistance